Rural Restaurant: Further Adventures of the Organ Meat Society


Pig Ear in Aspic (a/k/a “Crystal Pig Skin Frozen” on the menu) was one of the more unusual dishes assayed by the Organ Meat Society that evening.

Lately, the Organ Meat Society has been often seen along Flushing’s Main Street, because that is where the city’s best collection of variety meats is found: in Northern Chinese restaurants. This week, Counter Culture sails into Rural Restaurant, a place that represents for the cuisine of Dongbei in far Northeastern China, on the border of Russia and North Korea. The week after I turned in the piece, the Organ Meat Society convened a meeting there. Here are some pictures of the incredible food we ate.

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Sliced Pork Kidney With Three Kinds of Pepper

Pork Tendon With Sea Cucumber

Left: Pig Blood With Sliced Intestine; Right: Sauteed Liver

Beef Tripe With Spicy Peppery

Odd man out: the salad called Coriander Herb

The guest of honor that evening was Ivan Shiskin, celebrated chef and founder of the Moscow chapter of the Organ Meat Society (blue shirt, dark hair, center)

Rural Restaurant
42-85 Main Street
Flushing, Queens