Rep. Michael Grimm’s Office Break-In Not Quite Watergate; Just an 8th Grader Who Broke a Window


Congressman Michael Grimm’s Staten Island campaign office was “broken into” over the weekend in what the congressman initially suspected to be a Watergate-esque scandal presumably perpetrated by the cronies of his opponent in this year’s election.

Not quite — it was just an eighth-grader who broke a window.

The NYPD says today that an eighth-grader at a Staten Island junior high school told a school counselor that he and a friend broke the window. The boy, who has not been identified, has been charged with criminal mischief.

Grimm initially claimed thieves broke in using old keys and then smashed
windows to make it appear like it was a just a case of random vandalism
— which it was. He suspected that the burglars installed software on
the hard drives of computers in the office designed to delete files.

Nope — a “police source” tells the New York Daily News that it “appears that a campaign staffer wiped the hard drives accidentally after
mistakenly inserting a Linux system disc into a Windows machine.”

They have hats for people like Grimm — they’re made of tinfoil.