Here’s A Fairly Horrifying Photo Of One Of The Stabbings At The West Indian Day Parade


The West Indian Day parade in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn has proven itself to be one of the more popular events in New York City at which to become a victim of violent crime — and we’ve come across a pretty gruesome photo to illustrate that fact.

Since 2003, the parade has been marred by violence, and this year was no exception — there were at least three shootings and two fatal stabbings, which, as we reported yesterday, is a bit of an improvement from last year, when there were at least five shootings.

One of the fatal stabbings happened near Bedford Avenue and Eastern Parkway, where a man was fatally stabbed in the neck.

The photo we’ve included after the jump was taken by a first responder at the scene of the stabbing on Bedford Ave. It was provided to the Voice by a source who wishes to remain anonymous. He says he had to walk through “nothing but a pool of blood.” It’s pretty brutal and definitely NSFW.