Congresswoman Yvette Clarke On The 1898 Dutch Enslavement Of Brooklyn (That Never Actually Happened)


Democratic Brooklyn Congresswoman Yvette Clarke attempted to re-write history last night during an appearance on the Colbert Report, during which she struggled with the details of hypothetical time travel and then claimed that slavery existed in Brooklyn in 1898, where the Dutch kept people in bondage more than 30 years after the Civil War.

Then, after ironing out the details of the aforementioned hypothetical time travel, she decided — after some lengthy internal debate — that if she were around in the 1930s and 1940s, she probably would have tried to stop World War II.

Good call, congresswoman.

The whole thing was dizzying, and would be hilarious — if the Dutch hadn’t lost control of New York in the 1660s, slavery hadn’t ended in the United States in 1865, and — most importantly — Clarke wasn’t a sitting congresswoman.

Clarke’s office didn’t immediately respond to our request for an explanation of her take on history — and time travel.

See the video of Clarke’s history lesson after the jump.

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