5 Amazing Indian Dishes From Deccan Spice


How down-home! Corn fritters at Deccan Spice.

Love Indian food? Well, you’ll be glad to hear Jersey City is now bursting with regional South Indian restaurants, many representing cuisines the metropolitan area has never seen before — and these restaurants are a quick ride away from the West Side of Manhattan on the PATH train. Deccan Spice represents the eye-popping cuisine of Hyderabad, and here are some of the most interesting dishes.

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5. Corn Fritters (above) — Maize is certainly not the first vegetable you’re likely to think of when it comes to Indian food, apart from an appearance or two in Gujarati cuisine. At Deccan spice, it appears as corn fritter shaped like falafel, crunchy, chewy, and studded with corn kernels. The dipping sauce? Read the full review to find out what it is.

4. Gongura Mutton — The green puree that the flavorful mutton chunks (with marrow!) come in isn’t spinach, and it’s not mustard greens, either. Rather, it’s gongura, a deep green-leaf vegetable that has an intriguing lemony flavor, here making perhaps its first appearance on area Indian menus.

3. Sultani Egg Masala — One of the most interesting features of Hyderabadi cuisine lies in its extensive and pleasing use of boiled eggs, here submerged in a rich onion gravy.

2. Goat Paya — This goat-trotter soup has a lovely limpid texture and mild meaty flavor, and you probably wouldn’t guess that it’s goat. Organ enthusiasts will enjoy the jellied texture of the meat.

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1. Mooli Paratha — This whole-wheat paratha comes stuffed with daikon radish, which confers a moistness and sweetness to the bread that makes it perfect to accompany a curry, or to be eaten by itself.

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Deccan Spice
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Jersey City, New Jersey