Cobra Bites Man. Man Bites Cobra. Man Wins


According to a “snake charmer,” if you get bit by a snake, the best thing to do is bite it back until it’s dead, which will apparently prevent you from dying — and is exactly what a man in Nepal did after getting bit by a deadly cobra earlier this week.

In this case, the snake charmer was right — the snake is dead. Mohammed Salmodin, a farmer who lives in a village about 125 miles from Nepal’s capital of Katmandu, is very much alive.

The story first appeared on the BBC’s website this morning, and describes the biting(s), as well as Salmodin’s ill-advised faith in the advice of a snake charmer.

From the BBC:

“When I realised that a snake had bit me, I went home to get a torch
and saw that it was a cobra. So I bit it to death,” he told BBC Nepali’s
Bikram Niraula in Biratnagar.

After he bit the snake to death, Mr Salmodin said that he
went about his daily business as if nothing had happened. He says he
finally agreed to go to hospital after pressure from family, neighbours
and police.

He went on to say that he decided to bite the snake to death because “a snake charmer told me that if a snake bites you, bite it until it is dead and nothing will happen to you.”

Salmodin has been discharged from the hospital and is
expected to survive. We’ll go out on a limb and assume that anti-venom played more of a role in his recovery than his biting a cobra to death.