Cher Only Follows 10 People


On Twitter, that is.

The divine diva had 784,048 people following her last time I looked–and it’s no wonder; her tweets are spicy, honest, and entertaining.

But she only wants to read tweets by 10 other people/things!

That’s one for each commandment and two for each Spice Girl!

And it’s quite a heady group.

They happen to be:

“Spicy food enthusiast” Tito Ora.

Yfrog Pics (lets you share photos/videos on Twitter)


Elizabeth Warren (Democrat running for Massachusetts Senator)

Rosie O’Donnell

Jewelry designer Loree Rodkin

Chaz Bono

“Writer, producer, poet, actor” Ron Zimmerman

Musician/designer Jesse Jo Stark

And Kathy Griffin.

What a great bunch of lesbians, transsexuals, artists, and spicy food enthusiasts.

God, how I’d love to be number 11!