Eric Ripert Will Forage and Cook in Bhutan


The small kingdom of Bhutan will be treated to our very own Eric Ripert in September. He’ll be the first Michelin-starred chef to cook in the country and will be visiting the luxury resort Amankora Thimphu, where he’ll prepare two celebratory dinners.

According to the resort website, “Chef Ripert will combine signature Le Bernardin-style French technique with the unique local ingredients and flavors of Bhutanese cuisine.”

Ripert will be partnering with the lodge’s chef, Matthew Schaefer, who formerly served as Ripert’s sous-chef at Le Bernardin. And yes, foraging will be involved. They will have to pick wild chanterelle mushrooms in the pine forests outside the lodge and harvest their own red rice.

Of course, the invite for Ripert comes with a bunch of awesome perks. Word on the street is that he will be traveling throughout the country, sampling the nation’s cuisine, hiking to ancient monasteries, and visiting local breweries and distilleries.

Not too shabby.