Cher Writes The Juiciest Tweets!


One of the many great things about Cher is that she personally answers a lot of the dumb and hateful trash talkers who tweet her, thereby putting them in their place–the bottom level of Dante’s inferno.

In fact, a lot of these cretins seem to be lining up to tweet Cher some sass just so they can brag about having gotten a response!

Here are some of her most entertaining recent Twitter conversations:

“If this is really u–u r a major turnoff. Nasty/mean spirited language”

Cher’s reply: “U have NO IDEA how LITTLE I Care What U think”

“U like hairy nuts in your strained evil throat.”

Cher: “How proud your mother must be of U! O C’mon u don’t have balls!”

“Oh me oh my. I barely recovered from the last rant. Here we go again.”

Cher: “Don’t stay! The door is open my friend.”

“I’m convinced that you’re fucking bonkers. Brilliant but bonkers.”

Cher: “And ur problem with that is?”

“Drive off the road cunty”

Cher: “Right into your fat T-baggy ass!”

“Please tell me that there will be no chick-fil-as in your future”

Cher: “Lovely I’d rather stick drumsticks in my eyes.”

“Nearing ur 4000th twt could U start spelling correctly after that milestone?”

Cher: “Nope! Does that change ur life 1 fking iota?”

And here are some of Cher’s other short but sweet responses:

“[Romney] couldn’t find his ass with both hands and a map”

“Look it up, Neanderthal!”

And “I’ve said penis maybe four times and dick once. Don’t think we have to call for an intervention right away!”

Love you, Cher!

(Hey, she responds to positive messages too.)