Boozy Empanadas From Havana Central


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Taking a shot with its new dessert concept, Havana Central is putting an adult spin on its signature dish: the empanada. Yes, these are alcoholic empanadas.

Selections include the Spiced Peartini (filled with a delectable fusion of diced pear simmered with Ron Zacapa Super Premium Dark-Aged Rum and accented with the fragrant spices of the islands: vanilla, cinnamon and brown sugar), the Drunken Monkey (decadent, melted chocolate folded into an intoxicating mixture of fresh banana and Baileys Irish Cream), the Pirate Punch (juicy peaches blended with cinnamon and butter in a rich compote, enhanced with a libation mélange of white wine, Myers’s Rum, and peach schnapps), and Havana Hurricane (guava tempered with the essence of Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur, combined with creamy cheese and a vanilla wafer crunch).

The price: $9 for the choice of two empanadas served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.