Under The Toque: Danny Bowien Too Successful, Andrew Zimmern On Almost Eating Foreskin


Danny Bowien talks to the New York Observer on being a really successful chef..and (sort of) complains: “You become a chef and it sucks…because you don’t get to cook anymore. Like you’re basically just managing, doing paperwork and making sure your dishwashers show up.” [New York Observer]

Apparently Andrew Zimmern almost had to eat a baby’s foreskin: “In Madagascar, a guy almost handed me the cut foreskin of his grandchild to eat. I was dripping cold sweat down the back of my neck, like ‘Oh my god, what do I do?’ Had he passed it to me, I probably would have eaten it.” [The Braiser]

Eater interviews chef Mark Ladner of Del Posto, who talks about sticking to tradition: “We are decidedly traditional. Now fun is the new thing in lots of restaurants, many of them on the San Pellegrino list. That may work in a boutique restaurant full of foodies, but that’s not the restaurant we have here. We cater to clients who are adults and want what they want.” [Eater NY]

As we reported earlier this week, chef Sara Moulton has been hired by the Associated Press to write a weekly food column on healthy eating. [Fork in the Road]

Todd English’s ex-fiance Erica Wang was busted for shoplifting at Ralph Lauren, where she worked. Wang has since fled to Hong Kong for privacy. She also took a deal to avoid jail time, which involves community service and anger management classes. [Huffington Post]