6 Favorite Dishes From Rosemary’s


What could be more summery than this plate of cavatelli?

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This week, Counter Culture analyzes Rosemary’s, a new Italian restaurant in the Village in a former party store, and boasting a roof garden. Here are the don’t-miss dishes.

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6. Cavatelli With Peas, Mint, and Ricotta (above) — Verdant, herbal, and topped with ricotta like a puffy white cloud on a perfect day, this dish features a southern-Italian pasta with a little bit of cheese incorporated into the dough.

5. Cappa Colla Cotta — The neck-meat ham beloved of Brooklynites (where it’s often called “cappy ham”) is house made, nicely veined with fat, and dabbed with chiles.

4. Radishes, Butter, Salt, Thyme — Mainly rooftop ingredients, this small dish is the perfect start to a meal.

3. Lamb Leg — Tender, perfectly roasted, and lavished with summer vegetables

2. Olive Oil Cake — As a conclusion to a three-course Italian meal, this surprisingly light cake garnished with whipped cream and blueberries is the only dessert you’ll ever need.

1. Minestra di Stagione — This is the most flavorful minestrone you’ve ever tasted, a full summer meal for sure!

After a meal at Rosemary’s, ascend to the rooftop garden.