How To Make A Brisket Sandwich at Hill Country, Dish #92

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Texans eat their brisket by making it into little sandwiches with sliced white bread. This is the “highest and best use” (as real estate developers might say) of white bread, and nothing can substitute for it — not a baguette, kaiser roll, or artisanal loaf of any sort.

So, why won’t they just sell you the sandwich at Hill Country, our city’s greatest temple of brisket love. Well, for one thing, the thing would fall apart in short order due to the fragility of the bread. Besides, you want to make the sandwich just so, and what Texan would ever trust someone else to do that for her?

Also — Hill Country sells two sorts of brisket, the fatty and the lean, and you really need to buy a mixture of the two meats at the per-pound counter to have just the right mix of fat and meat in your sandwich.

So, get a quarter pound of each, then go over to the salad counter to acquire pickle chips, jalapenos, and a slice of sweet Vidalia onion.

Then proceed to assemble the sandwich as in the photo at the top of the page.

Hill Country
30 West 26th Street

Here’s everything you need to make a great brisket sandwich.

Hill Country Barbecue is near Madison Square.

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