Mike Bloomberg Doesn’t Find “Big Gulp” March Very Funny (Even Though It Is)


New Yorkers opposed to Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s proposed ban on big-boy sodas marched in front of City Hall yesterday in what’s been dubbed the “Million Big-Gulp March.”

The title, obviously, is a play on the 1995 “Million Man March” on Washington D.C., and is a pretty funny idea considering the less-than-dire issue at hand: freedom to drink soda.

Leave it to Bloomberg, however, to piss on the parade — the mayor didn’t find the march funny in the slightest because of the “tragic” consequences of soda abuse.

“In New York City alone, we’re going to spend $4 billion of your money
to treat obesity-related diseases,” the mayor told reporters yesterday. “It’s $100 billion-plus across the
country and skyrocketing. We just have to do something
about it, and if somebody wants to have a march, I suppose it’s funny
but it is so tragic what is happening I have to say, the humor kind of
escapes me.”

And “do something about it” he has…

In addition to his proposed ban on serving “sugary drinks” in
containers larger than 16 ounces — and banning food donations to
homeless shelters because he can’t monitor the sodium content of the
donated grub (further reading: 10 out of 10 homeless New Yorkers polled
are more concerned with eating in general than they are with how much
salt is in their diet.
Imagine that…) — the mayor has taken some other interesting steps in his attempt to trim the waistlines of Gotham residents.

For example, just days after announcing his proposed ban on soda being served in big-boy cups, Bloomberg celebrated “National Donut Day” by honoring the 75th anniversary of a day that celebrates a food that has
more fat and calories than the sugary beverages he wants to
(he claims the proposed ban is to “force people to understand”
the dangers of sugar). The mayor signed off on his proclamation as
“Donut Day” was celebrated in Madison Square Park, where Brooklyn-based
Entenmann’s handed out free donuts from the “largest box of
Entenmann’s donuts ever created.”

And lest we forget last week, when the mayor presided over the
ceremonial weigh-in for the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest.
The winner.
Joey Chestnut, ate 68 hotdogs in 10 minutes. At 309 calories a piece,
Chestnut put down a total of 21,012 calories — and
the mayor was just fine with that.

Turning New York into a food-police-state is bad enough. Being a hypocrite about it just flat-out sucks.