The Toxic Avenger on The Toxic Avenger: Five Questions for French DJ Producer Simon Delacroix

In the most recent print issue of the Village Voice, we visit the Long Island City headquarters of Troma Entertainment, the “almost” 40-year-old Z-movie studio responsible for such unforgettable titles as Fat Guy Goes Nutzoid!! and Tales from the Crapper. But the company’s best known creation is The Toxic Avenger, an early-’80s cult classic that spawned three sequels, the Saturday-morning cartoon Toxic Crusaders, an “actually kind of good” Off-Broadway musical scored by Bon Jovi keyboardist David Bryan, and a $100 million Hollywood remake that’s in development. The Toxic Avenger is also the moniker assumed by Simon Delacroix, an electro-pop French DJ/producer whose sunny knob-squeaker “3,2,1”–the lead single from the 30-year-old’s most recent full-length Angst–belongs on an afternoon wine-spritzer-party playlist, cued up for the moment the Passion Pit tolerance runs out.

Delacroix answered a few questions about his mutated anti-hero namesake over e-mail.

Why’d you choose the name Toxic Avenger?

I’m a huge fans of B-movies, so I watch a lot of them. Ten years ago, I had a hip-hop band called Ed Wood Is Dead and a French magazine asked us for an interview. At that time I didn’t have a nickname, so I had to pick one, and while I was thinking of which one should I pick, I was watching The Toxic Avenger.

Your thoughts on the movie?

I love it! When films are good, they are good–no matter if they are gore, drama, or comedy. I can watch Troma’s movies [and] Jean-Luc Godard movies, and enjoy them exactly the same.

Has there been any confusion playing shows or promoting your work with that name?

Troma contacted me few years ago while I was touring the U.S., they invited me to their headquarters. I think they kinda like me, because they give me tons of goodies, and they went to my CMJ show.

So people don’t assume you’ll be a monster with a mop?

Not really, even though, sometimes I get Troma fans on my Facebook fanpage.

What do you know about Troma–are you a fan?

I know they are the oldest independent production company, I think in the world. I’ve seen a lot of their movies, from the first one to Poultryguest. Just because of the names, I think everybody should watch them all: Rabid Grannies, Surf Nazis Must Die! etc. My fave one might be Citizen Toxie though!

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