New York Dems: Hey, Mitt Romney, Tell Us About Your Offshore Bank Accounts!


New York Democrats are welcoming GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney to the Empire State by kvetching about his failure to disclose a “sufficient”number of tax returns during his bid for the White House. Specifically, lefties are interested in a few offshore bank accounts the former Massachusetts governor’s failed to mention.

New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney and former New York City Comptroller Bill Thompson gathered on the steps of City Hall this morning to call on Romney to turn over the documents — as the majority of presidential candidates, including his father — have done in the past.

So, why is it the job of local New York pols to get the goods on Romney? Well, “because we’re the smartest and best looking,” Quinn joked.

After reporters enjoyed a brief “umm…OK. But really — why the hell is this your job” moment, the three local Democrats sheepishly admitted that they were recruited by the Democratic National Committee to bash Romney as he traveled across New york raising money.

Regardless, let’s talk secret Swiss bank accounts…

According to an article published last week by the Associated Press, Romney has heavily invested in foreign tax havens like Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, and Switzerland. According to the AP, Romney’s finances are “deeply entangled” with Bain Capital’s investment funds in the Cayman Islands, and he had a Swiss bank account until just last year. He also owns a “mysterious” corporation in Bermuda, which Quinn and friends point out that he failed to disclose until he released just one year of tax returns.

“Come clean — come clean about your investments and release a
sufficient number of tax returns to the American people,” Quinn says.

How many is a “sufficient number,” you ask? “It ain’t one,” Quinn says after a hearty chortle..

All three Dems agreed that 12 years of tax returns would match the
number released by President Obama, and would probably suffice.

When asked what Romney might be hiding, Quinn was quick to say “we’re not saying he’s done anything illegal.”

That, of course, was only after Quinn vehemently declared that “until governor Romney releases more years of his tax returns we will
never know if he set up a shell corporation in Bermuda to avoid paying
federal taxes.”

Romney, as the Dems note, turned over 23 years of taxes to
Senator John McCain when the 2008 GOP presidential nominee vetted him
to be a potential running mate.

In any event, there’s one way for Romney to get his critics to shut
their yaps about his seemingly shady finances: turn over the stupid tax