Pete Zaaz’s Best and Strangest: A 5-Dish Countdown


5. Shoestring Zucchini Pizza — This ample gutbomb features shredded squash, corn salsa, Fontina cheese, and pickled tomatillo in a gooey, south-of-the-border take on the iconic pie.

This week, Counter Culture stops by Pete Zaaz, a new pizza parlor in Crown Heights that must be accounted one of the city’s stranger dining establishments–in a good way, of course. We sampled broadly and came up with a list of the things most worth ordering. Believe it or not, there’s one fairly normal pizza there, too, called the Brooklyn, which we’ve omitted from consideration for the purposes of this post.

4. Broccoli Knots — You’ve heard of garlic knots? Well these are a crazy variation, topped with a ricotta concoction and some other stuff you might have trouble identifying.

3. Mexican Chorizo — This pie is second only to the purple potato pie Zaaz’s pizza constellation, with chunky, rich sausage, queso fresco, pickled onion, and (zing!) kiwi. WTF?

2. Fried Motz — Wonton skins filled with mozzarella and chopped green onions is a nifty cross-cultural idea, and the tequila-laced dipping sauce sends them into lunar orbit.

1. Baked Potato — Bacon! White Cheddar! Purple Peruvian potatoes! This might be the best nontraditional pie ever created.

Pete Zaaz
766 Classon Avenue
Crown Heights, Brooklyn