Bad News, Impoverished Sinners: Lawmakers Want To Ban Buying Cigs And Booze With Welfare Money


As un-fucking-believable as it may sound, welfare recipients in New York currently are allowed to spend public-assistance money on things like cigarettes, booze, and strippers — but hopefully not for long.

A bill has been introduced in the state Senate that would ban welfare recipients from using public coin to fund the bad habits that often times land them in hospitals — where more taxpayer money often is spent to keep them alive.

The bill, sponsored by Republican state Senator Thomas Libous, also would ban using welfare money on gambling.

“Public assistance is designed to help needy families provide for
their children until they can transition back to the workforce and
become self-sufficient,” Libous, the deputy majority leader, tells the New York Post.

Libous goes on to say that “this common-sense legislation would
protect hardworking taxpayers from abuse while ensuring that individuals
receiving welfare benefits continue to get the temporary assistance
they need and deserve.”

If Libous’ bill doesn’t become law, New York stands to lose about
$120 million in federal welfare funding — turns out the feds find
public money going towards things like cigarettes and strippers is as
ludicrous as Libous does.

Thanks to the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012,
states that don’t prohibit welfare money from going towards “sin
activities” by 2014 will lose five percent of their federal welfare

If the bill becomes law, anyone busted using welfare money for “sin
activities” will lose their benefits for a month. A second offense will
cost welfare recipients three months of benefits. Strike three will
permanently ban a recipient from the program.