Joan Rivers Says Glee Turns Her Stomach


The show fills her with the opposite emotion, in fact.

Writes Joan in her new book:

“You know that cute Asian boy who plays a freshman?

“In real life he’s a thirty-year-old man and he’s upside down on a mortgage in Burbank.

“The only way Lea Michele is in high school is if she’s part of some bizarre religious cult and she’s come back to school with bombs strapped to her boobs.

“The only true character on Glee is the fat girl because in real life she is a fat girl.”

And she’s definitely really black too.

Anyway, the discrepancies aren’t the only things that bother Joan about the show.

“On Glee,” she writes, “all the homo kids are smiling and giggly and they spend every day singing in the halls.

“When I went to high school, the homos spent most of their days hiding in their lockers, crying!”

Well, when I went to school, they hid in closets way bigger than any lockers could ever be.

But they were definitely singing!

PS: This will be my last blog promoting the book because I don’t want to give too much away. Buy the fucker already!