Double Trouble: Wen Jiang China Lion’s Madcap Buddy Comedy


Jackie Chan’s son Jaycee Chan co-stars in this madcap buddy comedy about two security guards—one from Beijing, one from Taipei—thrown together by fate to track down a priceless Chinese painting that has been stolen and then lost by art thieves. Honoring the high-octane vibe and employing something of the sleek (but now-dated, or would that be retro?) look of the elder Chan’s ’80s films, Double‘s two guards naturally have polar-opposite personalities and—naturally—clash at every turn. No brain cells need be expended to process anything that happens on-screen, but director Wen Jiang (Let the Bullets Fly) keeps the action moving at a hectic pace, and the fight sequences are tightly choreographed for maximum jaw-dropping effect. Young Chan does his father proud with his fighting prowess, but also on a much more superficial level, he fits right in with all the eye candy, male and female, that fills the screen.