Make Marc Murphy’s Pork Loin-Stuffed Suckling Pig


The McKittrick Hotel, the former home of performance art production Sleep No More, will play home to a new dramatic on June 3. Hosted by Underground Eats, this spectacle will be an homage to the 1939 World’s Fair, “theatricality to the tune of a Dali-inspired madhouse.”

Chef Marc Murphy has been brought on board to plan the kooky menu, which includes beef tartare cubes on chickpea cakes with horseradish powder and pork-loin stuffed suckling pig. Yes, pig stuffed within pig. We couldn’t wrap our heads around that, either, so we phoned the Chopped judge to get the scoop. Lo and behold, the recipe is a lot more straightforward than Absurdity at The McKittrick Hotel will likely be.

Pork Loin-Stuffed Suckling Pig
Marc Murphy, Landmarc and Ditch Plains
Serves 10 to 12

1 20- to 22-pound suckling pig, cleaned and deboned of neck and ribs
1 large 12- to 15-pound pork loin
24 ounces vegetable oil
1 cup smoked paprika
1 cup kosher salt
1/2 cup ground black pepper
1 cup sweet garlic confit (see recipe)
1 bunch of fresh thyme leaves
Oil as needed for basting

For the garlic confit:
Place 16 to 20 peeled whole garlic cloves into small pot, cover garlic with cooking oil (vegetable, soybean, or canola), and simmer until garlic is golden brown and soft. Let cool in oil and reserve.

For the smoked paprika-garlic marinade:

Add vegetable oil, paprika, salt and pepper, garlic confit, and thyme in mixing bowl. Mix thoroughly until the marinade is well blended and has a creamy consistency.

Spread the smoked paprika-garlic marinade over pork loin and inside the cavity of the suckling pig.

For the pork loin:
Quickly sear the pork loin on a large flattop or stovetop grill until a crust has formed on the outside of the pork. Do not cook through. Once seared, set aside and let cool completely.

For the suckling pig:
Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Lay the pig on its backside and lay the pork loin inside the middle of the cavity. Wrap the outer portions of the suckling pig around the loin and truss the pig using butchers’ twine. Make sure trussing is tight and evenly tied. Place the stuffed pig face up on a large sheet tray. Coat the skin with a small amount of cooking oil and place into the oven at 375. Cook at 375 for 45 minutes, then lower the oven to 275 degrees and roast for five to six hours, rotating the pig from front to back and basting with cooking oil every 30 minutes. Pig should be a dark brown color and crisp to the touch. (For crispier skin, raise the oven temperature to 400 to 425 degrees for the last 30 minutes of cooking time. Allow the pig to rest for 10 to 15 minutes before slicing and enjoying.