Trayvon Martin Had Weed In His System During Altercation With George Zimmerman. Should Anyone Care?


The national media made a little hay yesterday over the fact that an autopsy revealed that Trayvon Martin had THC in his system at the time of the altercation with George Zimmerman that ultimately ended the Florida teen’s life.

Martin supporters are adding the autopsy results to the list of reasons why they think Zimmerman should be vindicated — as if having weed in his system somehow justified shooting the unarmed teen.

Just so we’re clear, we’re talking about weed, not crystal meth.

Regardless of your opinion on whether Zimmerman was justified in fatally shooting Martin, his having weed in his system is an insignificant detail.

For starters, having THC in his blood and urine doesn’t mean he was high at the time of the altercation, it just means he’d smoked weed at some point in the past month or so. And even if he was high at the time of the shooting, it’s still just weed, which tends to make people more docile than they are normally.

If it were crystal meth, or crack, or even cocaine found in Martin’s system, we’d agree that perhaps drugs played a role in the altercation — and maybe Martin was the aggressor. But it wasn’t — it was weed.

That, of course, is our humble opinion. We want to know what you think: should anyone care that Trayvon Martin had weed in his system?