Iron Chef Marc Forgione on Marc Forgione, New Fiancée’s Cooking Part 2

Yesterday, Marc Forgione shared the details on his new Atlantic City steakhouse. Today, we bring him back to the city to find out what’s up at his Tribeca restaurant, Marc Forgione, and what it’s like to cook for a legendary chef . . . who happens to be your father.

What’s new at your eponymous outlet Marc Forgione?
We’re doing these beautiful local clams and serving them with garlic-infused Mangalitsa pork fat to dip in. We’re also doing an English-cut lamb chop with chickpeas and fiddlehead ferns that’s really impressive looking.

You run an uber-seasonal kitchen and spring brings a bounty of fresh produce. What gets you most excited? (Please don’t say ramps.)
I get the most excited when the spring vegetables come out in general. It’s the only season where it seems that everybody wakes up and has a little pep to their step when they see fresh peas, asparagus, fiddleheads, etc. It’s like bears coming out of hibernation.

You come from a cooking family, do you parents stop by your restaurants often? Do they offer critique?
Believe it or not, when I’m testing recipes, I’ll give them to my mother to see what she thinks. As far as cooking for my old man, it’s just like cooking for any other of the legendary chefs of our time . . . not easy or for the faint of heart.

Word on the street is that you recently became engaged, congrats! Does you fiancée cook as well? Does a family that cooks together, stay together?
She does, not professionally but makes a mean almond-crusted chicken that I enjoy.

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