Craig Dershowitz Blows $60k In Legal Fight For Custody Of A Puggle (Yeah — That’s A Dog)


We love dogs. They’re awesome — they’re loyal, fun, and make you feel like a rock star every time you walk in the door. That said, we would never spend $60,000 to win custody of a dog after a rough breakup with a former girlfriend. The same cannot be said of Craig Dershowitz, who already has spent $60,000 fighting to win custody of his dog, and is now taking donations to further the fight.

Dershowitz, who lives in New York, says he’s already blown through his life savings trying to win custody of his puggle, “Knuckles,” which he considers his “son.” He’s now turned to the Internet to raise an additional $20,000 to continue his legal battle with former girlfriend Sarah Brega, who took the dog to California when the two called it quits.

Dershowitz made a video pleading for donations.

On his fundraising website, Dershowitz tells the tale of what led to the custody battle for “Knuckles,” who he says was “kidnapped.”

From Dershowitz’s website:

I needed a place to stay and while I found a new place, I asked her
to take care of him. When I finally settled, I agreed to share custody.
Knuckles was, in many ways, my everything and I knew she cared about him
and needed his support too. I tried my hardest to be fair and flexible. Every exchange took place either at her house or close by – meaning I would do the 5 hour drive both ways just to be with my boy. It didn’t matter. I got to be with Knux and that was all I cared about.

At one switch point, she asked me to promise, promise, promise I would
bring him back and not “steal him away forever.” I was dumbfounded by
what she meant by I agreed. Little did I know what she was planning.

Next thing I know, a week before I thought we were meeting, she was on the road to California with my baby boy.

Dershowitz isn’t just asking for a handout — he got a bunch of his buddies to create several “Knuckles”-related gifts that he’s selling to help raise the cash.

According to the “Free Knux” website, $10 will get you a “virtual kiss” from “Knuckles.” A “Free Knux” t-shirt will run you $25, and you can get your own “professional portrait” of “Knuckles” for a mere $200. For $250, you can have the chance to play fetch with “Knuckles” if he ever ends up back in New York.

The best part: people are actually buying this stuff — so far, three people have paid for the “virtual smooch,” and six people have ponied up the $25 for a “Free Knuckles” t-shirt.

“Knuckles,” according to court papers — first obtained by the New York Post — filed by Brega claim the dog is lives a “happy and healthy life in California with me, where he has ample
room to play, and lives in close proximity to a beach for off-leash
dog-park outings.”

Dershowitz, however, says the dog is a New Yorker through and through, and needs to be returned to the Empire State.

If — for some odd reason — you’re interested in a “virtual kiss” from a dog you’ve never met, click here to visit the “Free Knuckles” website.