A Day at the Races: 5 Don’t-Miss Dishes at Aqueduct’s Genting Palace


5. “Marinated pork knuckles with liquor” might be mistaken for the best charcuterie Italy or France has to offer.

This week, Counter Culture takes a chance on Genting Palace, a new casino restaurant anomalously located in Ozone Park’s abject Aqueduct Racetrack. Mainly in a Cantonese vein, the food paid off handsomely, and here are the five dishes my friends and I liked the most. See full review here.

4. The rice noodles wrapped around shrimp or pork (known as cheong fun), is here offered in a more opulent rendition, with four choices of filling.

3. My pals and I fell strangely silent in awe as we tasted Chee-Hou chicken casserole, merging mushrooms, poultry, and mellowing chestnuts.

2. Pickled jellyfish and century eggs proved a perfect study in textural contrasts.

1. Braised e-fu noodles with crab was as laden with lump crustacean as we’d hoped.

Genting Palace
Resorts World Casino
Aqueduct Racetrack
110-00 Rockaway Boulevard
South Ozone Park, Queens

Oh what the hell, one more

0. The Chinese-American classic shrimp egg foo yung is here rendered with a demi-glace rather than a gravy, and it’s quite good.