Joe Lieberman Will Not Get Involved in the Election, Everybody’s Happy


No one is more independent then Joe Lieberman. One year, he’ll run as former Vice President Al Gore’s running mate; another year, he’ll throw his support behind John McCain and act like 2000 never happened. The senator from Connecticut is a true maverick but, this election cycle, he’s calling it quits.

Today, on “Fox News Sunday,” he declared to whoever was listening that he would not get involved in the 2012 election: “I think this year, when it comes to the presidential election, I’m just going to do what most Americans do: go in the voting booth on election day and in the privacy of the booth cast my vote.” This will be the last year for Lieberman in office, also; the senator is not seeking re-election after 24 years in office.
Too bad. To commemorate the event, Runnin’ Scared collected the best quotes from the King of Non-Partisanship. Here’s what we’ll miss (not really) this election season:

On his decision to not seek re-election: “The reason I have decided not to run for re-election in 2012 is best expressed in the wise words of Ecclesiastes: ‘To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under Heaven.'” You heard the man; God has different plans for this one.

On Sarah Palin in 2008: “Everybody should listen” to the ex-Governor because “people worried that government has forgotten them, that it
has grown too big, that the deficit is growing too large, and in some sense that we’re not being as strong as we should be in the world — Governor Palin has spoken to those concerns as much as anyone.” Oh, we listened… and laughed hysterically.
On his 2004 comeback: while speaking to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Lieberman warned, “Wolf, be excited. This is Joementum here in New Hampshire.” For English purists, Joementum is a combination of two words: ‘Joe’ and ‘momentum.’ Its definition? Who knows.
On McCain’s Presidential credentials: “We’ve just seen over the last few days, as the Russians invaded a sovereign nation, Georgia. And watch the response of this man, John McCain, to that crisis – right, strong, clear, principled.” And what was McCain’s wonderful response? Let’s just say it was a dose of some good ol’ Cold War fun.
Well, it’s been fun, Lieberman. As the great John Travolta once said in the movie “Face/Off”: “I hate to see you go but I love to watch you leave.”