What’s the Hottest Hot Dog at Japadog?


Here is what the spiciest frank at Japadog looks like — it doesn’t look that hot, right?

Fans of spicy wieners usually know which ones to get at their favorite frank purveyors: At Crif Dogs, it’s the “Spicy Redneck.” At Bark Hot Dogs, you’d go for the “Chili Cheese,” but then you’d have to smother it with lots of Bark Habanero Sauce to get the full, mouth-boggling effect. But what about Japadog?

Japadog is a new chain that flew in from Vancouver earlier this year serving decent franks gussied up with Japanese ingredients, and the menu is a bewildering maze of diverse sausage choices and odd add-ons like seaweed flakes, preserved plum, mayo squirted from a bottle, pork cutlets, and fried sauerkraut, assembled with scientific accuracy.

Several boast spicy ingredients — the Japanese have only recently copped to the wonderfulness of the chili pepper — but which is the most incendiary? The Spicy Cheese Terimayo has the chilies right inside the sausage, while the Kurogoma Kimuchi is a shrimp sausage heaped with kimchi. But the spiciest of all is the Hot & Spicy, which doesn’t look all that spicy. Indeed, the crushed tomato sauce that eclipses the beef link looks mild and sweet — but you’ll find it packs a real punch, more like kimchi without the cabbage than chili con carne.

And just before it’s served, the uniformed counter guy shakes on powdered cayenne. If you stand there while he does it, you can get him to shake on a little more.

30 St. Marks Place