Johnnie Walker Distiller Is Dedicating A Really Expensive Whiskey Blend to Queen Elizabeth II


To celebrate the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, Johnnie Walker distiller Diageo has released a special blend of whiskey called Diamond Jubilee. It has been in the works, distilling, since 1952, according to Reuters (via Huff Po), and is on sale in Singapore for $198,500 a bottle.

It hardly needs pointing out that Queen Elizabeth herself could most likely not afford a bottle of the stuff, but one will be generously donated to her. The profits from the sale of the other 59 bottles in existence will go to the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust, a charity that provides grants to artisans in the U.K. To see how much work went into so little whiskey, check out the Telegraph‘s video interview with the distillers filmed at the Balmoral Estate in Scotland.