This Week’s Specials: Middle Eastern Restaurants, Five Kinds of ‘Cue


See what we’ve been up to at Fork in the Road this week:

We’ve got our 10 picks for Middle Eastern restaurants in the city.

Following his review of John Brown Smokehouse, Robert Sietsema runs down the five best barbecue dishes he had at the restaurant.

He also checks out the offerings of a new meatball stall, Meatball Obsession.

We talk to Hella Bitter’s Benjamin Ahr Harrison about the world of an artisan bitters maker … and also to JoeDoe’s Joe Dobias about sandwiches — what else?

Oh, yes, and a really pretty vegetable called huazontle (also a cool word to say out loud) is popping up in Mexican markets and restaurants for spring; Starbucks is pissing off vegans; and Carnegie Deli’s Tebow sandwich sucks.