Joan Rivers At 32!


This is a clip from the 1965 movie Once Upon a Coffee House, featuring a bit by an act called Jim, Jake, and Joan.

I have no idea who Jim and Jake were, but Joan was Joan Rivers (formerly Joan Molinsky), part of the trio that was put together by her then-manager, Fred Weintraub, to play Weintraub’s Village club, the Bitter End.

Weintraub just released a memoir called Bruce Lee, Woodstock, and Me, in which he talks about Joan’s early days and mentioned the clip.

So I tracked it down it and I’m sharing it — along with the info that three weeks after Joan bolted from the group and went solo (which Weintraub told her she’d never be able to pull off), she became a legend.

But we’re jumping ahead.

Check this out and see Joan talk about her cavities.