Year of the Takeout Day 81: New Dynasty Inc.


Shredded Pork With Garlic Sauce from New Dynasty, Inc. (393 Eighth Avenue, 212-594-9734)

Much like a Chinese-American fajita filling, the $6 plate bursts with slices of pepper and onion. Though the garlic sauce doesn’t taste drastically different than at other eateries sampled by Year of the Takeout, it is spicier and less gooey than most — and swaps heat for sweet.

Ask for this dish with a side of fried rice — onion and bean sprouts are plentiful in this stir-fried starch side.

(One thing: On the takeout menu, this doesn’t appear to be listed, so maybe I was accidentally given Sichuan-style? No matter — it’s damned good whether it’s a thing or not.)