Sarah Palin: HBO Movie Is Just “Hollywood Lies”


She hasn’t seen it, mind you, because it’s not important and she knows where her values are (with that twisted family of hers).

But she knows for a fact that HBO’s Game Change, starring Julianne Moore as the Alaska governor turned TV commentator, is the usual leftie-liberal, Obama-driven pack of “Hollywood lies.”

She and “the good John McCain” made a pact to avoid this thing (which debuted Saturday) and treat it as worthless propaganda not even worth glancing at — while giving her views on how awful it is because she can’t shut up.

The director thinks she should see it since they tried to create an evenhanded approach in which the characters have both strengths and weaknesses.

Yes, Moore actually makes you feel some sympathy for the woman, but don’t fall for it — Palin feels the film is a big nothing that should be ignored, remember?