Who’s Your Favorite My Strange Addiction Star?


The TLC show highlights people with highly unusual obsessions and habits.

Here are the four most fascinating I just caught getting their prime-time break:

(1) Nathaniel

He’s in love with his car, a male vehicle that he calls Chase. He dates it, buys it gifts, and is “intimate” with it. They have a monogamous relationship — Nathaniel’s never cheated with an SUV or a U-Haul — and he wants this to be forever. But if Chase ever falls apart or gets towed, Nathaniel will surely be a mess. Plus I can picture the guy’s mother: “I don’t mind you dating a car — but did it have to be a male car?”

(2) Jaye

She’s snorted baby powder for 16 years and running. She adores it. Every time you see the woman, her face is whiter than Justin Bieber’s. Her addiction is not good for her health, but look on the bright side: If certain pop stars had snorted baby powder instead of the real stuff, they’d still be alive today.

(3) Alicia

She has no use for baby powder. Her strange addiction is sniffing mothballs. She digs the fumes and carries them around in her purse so she can cop a sniff at odd places. Sad — but at least she doesn’t fuck cars.

(4) Mary

This little lady eats cat food all day. She’s going to start growing whiskers because she can’t get enough fancy feastin’ on kitty treats and she can’t see why that might be a problem. They should wean her onto Alpo, then eventually McDonald’s, which won’t be all that different. But first she needs some training about how to use the kitty litter.

Anyway, I didn’t necessarily believe all of these stories — this is reality TV, after all — but the most compelling for me, even if exaggerated, was Nathaniel’s. I mean, he doesn’t make out in the backseat, he makes out with the backseat, ba dum pum.