Morrell Caterers in Trouble over Coconut Shrimp and Other Kosher Law Violations


At a press conference yesterday, Michael Savitsky, the chef at Morrell Caterers, one of Long Island’s largest catering companies, accused his boss Scott Morrell, the owner of the catering company, of seriously violating kosher food laws, according to The New York Times.

The Times reported that Savitsky’s verbal accusation followed a lawsuit that he and and the company’s general manager, Tom Cataldo, brought against Morrell on Tuesday. Savitsky and Cataldo both claimed in the press conference that Morrell instructed his workers to prepare non-kosher meals in kosher kitchens in order to save money. Savitsky pointed to one incident in particular in which Morrell instructed him to prepare coconut shrimp in a kosher kitchen. Savitsky claims that he felt helpless to say no to his boss.

At the conference, Morrell tried to hand out kosher chicken fingers to the members of the press present at the conference. But, according to the AP, nobody took him up on his offer.