David’s Brisket House Set to Re-Open Following Hiatus


David’s Brisket House has been shuttered for over two months, with no note outside, and a cryptic phone message.

[David’s Brisket now re-opened, see update here.]

A little over a week ago, Fork in the Road reported that the venerable David’s Brisket House in Bed-Stuy had been shuttered for two months, and a rumor was circulating among neighbors that the place was closed for good. This was seemingly confirmed by an employee at the store next door. A phone message that had promised an opening soon after a final fire-department inspection was already outdated, and attempts to leave a phone message for the proprietors unavailing.

Well, it turns out the place is set to reopen next week, according to the Voice‘s own Christina Petit, who was contacted by phone. Our apologies (and specifically, my apology) for spreading a false rumor, and I’ll be checking back soon for my first post-reopening brisket sandwich — with gravy, of course.

David’s excellent pastrami on a roll, with mustard

David’s Brisket House
533 Nostrand Avenue
Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn