Paula Deen, Southern Butter Belle, Confirms Diabetes Rumors


Paula Deen has diabetes, but the Southern belle of butter intends to keep on eating the fatty, sugary, salty foods linked to the disease, according to Time.

Rumors about Deen’s type 2 diabetes diagnosis first surfaced Friday in The Daily, when the newspaper published reports that she would start promoting an anti-diabetes drug, Time reports.

Deen confirmed the talk Tuesday morning, telling the Today show and USA Today that she’d known about the diagnosis for three years — and had only told her family.

She told the media that she wasn’t going to stop eating the Southern gutbombs — such as doughnut-wrapped hamburgers — that propelled her to celebrity-chef status, but would consider eating them in moderation and modifying the recipes to make them “healthier.”

Anthony Bourdain, in perfect Anthony Bourdain form, has lambasted Deen, saying that she acted “in bad taste” to conceal her diabetes, Time notes.