Food Industry Wants to Keep Dioxins in Your Dinner: Report


It’s always good to know that the people who raise the nation’s livestock and sow the country’s crops really want to put health first. Or not.

A group of top U.S. food producers has recently protested the Food and Drug Administration’s upcoming demands for tougher dioxin limits in nutritional staples, according to Food Safety News. Dioxins and similar chemicals have been linked to reproductive problems and cancer in lab animals.

Though some dioxins occur naturally, they can enter the environment through industrial activities such as trash incineration, the website reports. Research indicates that humans get most of their dioxin exposure from food.

The group of U.S. food giants worries that the soon-to-come FDA guidelines — which might set the “safe” level of dioxin exposure at 0.7 picograms daily, compared with the World Health Organization’s 1-4 recommended daily picograms — would make most agricultural products in the country “unfit for consumption.”