Chili Dog at Papaya Dog for Your Saturday Morning Delectation


Mmmmm — Ever tempted to eat something that’s absolute garbage?

This quick meretricious gobble features a skin-on all-beef hot dog made in New Jersey, a lake of canned chili with beans (you know you love that canned taste), and “cheese” that was squirted via a hand pump out of a big can that rests on the griddle to keep it warm.

Find it 24 hours a day at Papaya Dog, one of the endless iterations of hot-dog joints with “Papaya” in the name that also serve unspeakably diluted juices from strange upright metal reservoirs.

The beverages were once said to aid digestion, but who would believe it now? As this piece in The Villager says, Gray’s Papaya — a slightly more venerable institution that serves no chili or fries, but has recently defamed itself by offering awful cheap pizza — is in direct competition, but both places have their fierce advocates.

Papaya Dog
333 Sixth Avenue