Sucklord Gets Kicked Off Work of Art, Releases Self-Mocking Jerk of Art Action Figure


Last night, the gallery world’s Top Chef eliminated our man Sucklord, the Chinatown-based bootleg toymaker we splashed on the Village Voice cover in September. Throughout the course of the first six episodes, the Sucklord was the reality competition’s clear breakout personality: the Sucklord got the most airtime, the most character development, the most massaged subplots, the most televised quotes about “balls,” and even a chance to spraypaint China Chow’s (clothed) breasts.

But this was, after all, an “art-world” competition, not a lowbrow talent show, so the Sucklord finally got axed last night. The judges (everyone but Jerry Saltz, that is) seemed genuinely entertained by Sucklord’s honesty and wittiness–and his episodic evolution from sardonic asshole caricature to humble, sweet, compassionate team player. But by his own admission, Sucklord’s on-air work was “mediocre,” and the judges gave him second and third chances. So last night, during a street-art challenge in which four teams of two were given an enormous amount of Dumbo wall space, Sucklord and his partner Sarah created a three-dimensional grid-like maze that failed to impress subway-graf legend Lee Quiñones. This was the end of Sucklord.

Sucklord’s immediate real-world response? To mock himself, the televised competition, the duality of the Sucklord persona versus the Morgan Phillips person by creating a Jerk of Art: The World’s Worst Artist bootleg toy figure. Posted early this morning on his Flickr:

Morgan Phillips, the fauxhawked sensitive human underneath the Boba Fett mask, left naked in tighty whities.

The Jerk of Art: World’s Worst Artist figure in its blister packaging, discarded Sucklord helmet and born-loser Charlie Brown reference included.

The blister-card back reads:

The Morgan Phillips action figure represents his character’s story arc on Work of Art. “I have this armor, this created personality called the Sucklord who makes all the artwork,” the Sucklord explained to us this morning, after his elimination. “And that’s where all the great artwork comes from. But unfortunately got caught up in there, and the guy inside the Sucklord suffered–or went through–a psychedelic ego death. He shed that persona and became this beautiful person named Morgan Phillips. But unfortunately, Morgan Phillips sucks as an artist. And that was my downfall.”

UPDATE The Morgan Phillips Jerk of Art figure is now available for sale online in–where else–the Jerk Store.

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