Farmers Still Struggling With Low Harvests Post-Hurricane Irene


Hurricane Irene hit over two months ago, but New York’s farmers and Greenmarkets are still feeling the aftereffects of devastation, DNAinfo reports. The severe storm not only flooded fields of crops, but August and September were the second-wettest on record, further damaging farmers’ outputs.

Tropical Storm Lee, which hit the Northeast about two weeks after Irene, struck further blows before many farmers had a chance to harvest their crops already in the ground. Many farmers were then unable to recuperate their losses with another planting. But a collective spirit has taken over the Union Square Greenmarket, where farmers are filling the void of lost crops by purchasing those products from farms that were less severely impacted. Governor Andrew Cuomo has also has created a $15 million Agriculture and Community Recovery Fund, but projected losses are about $45 million. For more info on how to help out the farms, visit Greenmarket’s Hurricane Irene Relief Fund.