Dish No. 41: Assorted East and West Coast Oysters at Upstate


New York City isn’t short on oyster peddlers, but anyone who has sucked down a cool, plump, briny bivalve knows that there can never be enough oyster bars in the world. Upstate, located in the East Village, is one of the most recent additions to the city, offering up a menu of interesting East and West Coast varieties along with a selection of craft beers. Other seafood-y plates are available, but it’s the oysters you’ll want.

A recent visit offered Ducka Bush, Dabob Bay, Oakland Bay, Point Julia, Hood Canal, and Quilcene from Washington State; Meetinghouse Creek from New York; and Northumberland, Bras d’Ors, and Salty Aire from Prince Edward Island, all priced at either $2 or $2.25 apiece. We were most taken with the Dabob Bays and Point Julias, both possessing a nice clean flavor and just the right amount of salinity. Throw in a Southampton Double White, and you’ve got yourself the perfect cooling summer meal.

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