Office Eating Etiquette; Table Time Limits


René Redzepi’s MAD FoodCamp takes place this week, which means that a number of American chefs are headed to Scandinavia. [NY Times]

Lobstermen in Maine are thrilled at the abundance of catch these days, but a marine biologist points out that the lack of biodiversity in Maine waters is a problem. [NY Times]

More than half of full-time employees in the U.S. eat lunch at their desks at least once a week. And, depending on what they eat, they are at risk of making enemies in the office. [Wall Street Journal]

The new food service program inspired by the Peace Corps model, FoodCorps, launched last week. Mark Bittman approves. [NY Times]

A new study reveals that diets rich in such cholesterol-lowering foods as soy and nuts are more effective at reducing cholesterol than low-fat diets. [UPI]

Table time limits — whether explicit or merely hinted at — are increasingly accepted in popular restaurants. [NY Post]

As more Americans are buying locally grown food, new farmers’ markets are cropping up all over the country. [Reuters]