Freddie Mercury, with his biker mustache, tight leather pants, and wifebeater, could work the stage like no one else. So how could we ever come even close to honoring him? A 22-piece chamber-rock group is a good start. In celebration of Mercury’s 65th birthday, party promoters Oh! You Pretty Things presents A Musical Tribute to Queen, which features music by This Ambitious Orchestra; dance and burlesque by the Flying Fox, Anna Copa Cabanna, and Rachel Klein Theater; and a slew of special guests doing glam-era hits. Hosts Michael T, Shien Lee, Ben Ickies, and Twig the Wonderkid have laid down a strict dress code: Black-and-white satin, harlequin leotards, silver sequins, leather daddies with cap, chaps, and handle bar mustaches. Don’t you dare disappoint them.

Sun., Sept. 4, 9 p.m., 2011