Chuko Will Bring Ramen to Prospect Heights


Ramen — and the attendant fanaticism for it — has made its way to Prospect Heights, courtesy of two Morimoto alums.

The Brooklyn Paper reports that David Koons and Jamison Blankenship, Morimoto’s former executive sous chef and chef de cuisine, respectively, will open Chuko at 552 Vanderbilt Avenue later this month. And as you might expect, the pair are approaching their task with a hair-splitting level of intensity: Koons says their noodles were “specially designed for us, a different one for each broth, to ensure maximum chewiness, contrast, and flavor.”

It follows that the broths will use antibiotic- and hormone-free meat, the pork will be Heritage, and scallions will apparently be brought in from Japan. As a result, the average price for a bowl of noodles will be $12, making that another first for Prospect Heights.