Alton Brown Speaks Out Against Molecular Gastronomy, Foam


Self-proclaimed gastrophysicist and Food Network personality Alton Brown has a problem with molecular gastronomy. Speaking at the American Culinary Federation national convention in Grapevine, Texas, this weekend, he said:

My worry about molecular gastronomy, especially with young cooks, is that they will try to use it to replace knowing how to cook food. Show me you can cook a chicken breast properly. Show me you can cook a carrot properly. Now do it a hundred times in a row. Then we can play around with the white powders.

Per Nation’s Restaurant News, the Good Eats host also expressed his deep distaste for foam.

Don’t think you can replace cooking technique with throwing a whole bunch of flavors on top of something any more than you can making it into a caviar or making it into a foam. If I live the rest of my culinary life without a seeing another foam, I’ll be OK.

Strong words for someone who has built a career on the “science of food.”