At a Passover celebration, guests are made to ask, “Why is this night different from all other nights?” At a Charles Busch play, it isn’t hard to find answers: There’s the droll dialogue, the B-movie pastiche, the fevered pace, the camp sensibilities, the drag performances that aren’t a drag in the least. In Busch’s latest opus, Olive and the Bitter Herbs, which plays out during a Passover meal, over-the-hill actress Olive (Marcia Jean Kurtz) has a lot on her seder plate. Having peaked in the ’80s with a sausage commercial, she must now contend not only with finding work, but also with a ghost lingering in her mirror and a bevy of neighbors interested in the phantom. Director Mark Brokaw is sure to leaven the action at the Primary Stages premiere, co-starring Julie Halston, Dan Butler, Richard Masur, and David Garrison.

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