Time for a Sugar High: 7-Eleven Giving Out Free Slurpees Today, 7/11


Summer just isn’t summer unless you’re chugging on a big, frozen, sugary drink and staining your teeth electric red or blue. Fortunately, today is July 11, also known as 7-Eleven Day, the convenience retailer’s unofficial birthday. And to celebrate, participating stores throughout the city will be giving away free Slurpees!

In 1967, 7-Eleven licensed the product from the Icee Company and began selling it as the Slurpee. Since then, it’s been responsible for countless summer sugar highs, brain freezes, and a good deal of pop-culture awesomeness. Today, which marks the chain’s “84th birthday,” you can pick up a free 7.11-ounce (as if it could be in any other size) drink to celebrate. Drinking on the city sidewalk might not be quite the same as chugging one in the parking lot of your youth, but hey, a free Slurpee is a free Slurpee.