‘Turrbotax Presents Ford & Lopatin+Jacques Greene+Autre Ne Veut’

Daniel Lopatin is best known for Oneohtrix Point Never’s mechanistic drone; Joel Ford makes retro synth pop as Tigercity. As Games, they made sophisticated dance pop informed as much by Stanley Clarke as Scritti Politti, as their Fact mix attested. A certain rapper’s label complained about their name, so it’s as Ford & Lopatin that they release this week’s debut album, Chopper Pressure. Jacques Greene produces post-garage for the likes of Night Slugs. If the Junior Boys had a nightmare about New Order, Autre Ne Veut might score it. With Rem Koolhaus, Space Jam, Mayster, Contakt, and C-Sick.

Fri., June 10, 10 p.m., 2011

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