Breaking: Track Fire on Metro North (With Pictures!)


Here’s how New Yorkers are starting their week: with a huge fire on MetroNorth at Harlem River Drive and Park Avenue. Via the Wall Street Journal</em>: “MetroNorth identified it as the 138th Street lift bridge on the Harlem River. Train service was suspended at 11:45 a.m.” Someone must’ve had an interesting noon commute. All MetroNorth service has been suspended until further notice. And now, pictures of the craziness:

Via FDNY News, here’s what a BBQ’d Metro North track looks like:

Here’s what our heroic NYFD fireboats look like in action:

From above, more fire boat action:

And even more fire boat porn!

Roadside smoke!

Via NY1:

Large plumes of black smoke rose into the sky and affected the surrounding area. NY1’s Education reporter Lindsey Christ, who was in the area as the fire started, said the smoke was so thick she could not see her own head in front of her own face. A resident of the neighborhood told Christ he was sitting under the bridge and heard a huge explosion before the fire began.