Exclusive Video: Tom Green Saves Tila Tequila From the Juggalos (Slowmix)


By now, you’ve surely seen video footage of the inimitable Tom Green running out onstage during Tila Tequila’s Insane Clown Posse debacle. His mini-performance is, and was, absolutely hysterical, and was the one redeeming moment of an otherwise ugly showdown. Since I’ve become a character in this episode elsewhere, might as well tell you that I’d just pulled up to the stage on a golf cart with Tom Green, his cameraman Tony, Upchuck the Clown (couldn’t make this shit up), and a driver; Tom had met Tila for the first time on the airplane to the Gathering, and she’d requested his presence via walkie-talkied runners. So he runs out, does a life-changing running man, gets nailed by debris, hugs Tequila and walks off. This 56 seconds of video I shot is amusing, but even more amusing in slow motion.

Tom Green Saves Tila Tequila from the Juggalos

Tom Green Saves Tila Tequila from the Juggalos (Slowmix)